Caramel (GF)


Cherry Port (GF)


Chilli (GF)


Clonakilla Muscat Mousse (GF)

Espresso (GF)

Frangelico (GF, contains nuts)


Ginger (GF)

Open Sesame (GF, contains nuts)


Sea Salted Caramel (GF)


Orange Creme Truffle (GF)


Star Anise (GF)


Minty (GF)


Caramel Speculaas (GF, contains nuts)

Jasmine Green Tea (GF)


Hazelnut Praline (GF, contains nuts)


Honey Log (GF)


Irish Cream (GF)


Peppermint (GF)


Raspberry Flambe (GF)


French Vanilla (GF)


Walnut (GF, contains nuts)


Banana Flambe (GF, contains nuts)

Aromatique Poire (GF)


Belgian Cafe Style Truffle (GF)


Coconut Lime Zing (GF)

Our Chocolate

Discover the delights of lovingly hand crafted chocolates made with only the finest Belgian Callebaut Fair Trade couverture and fresh, natural ingredients.

Our chocolates contain no artificial preservatives.They are not for hoarding so please enjoy them sooner, rather than later!

We now have 26 delicious varieties available in our shop 

All varieties are listed on the left hand side of the page, except a new one which keeps selling out:  That is, Butterscotch Schnapps Truffle. (Strong cocoa taste)

Our Classic Range

Box of 24 select milk and dark chocolates
Box of 12 select milk and dark chocolates
Box of 10 select milk and dark chocolates
Box of 6 select milk and dark chocolates
Box of 4 select milk and dark chocolates

We can also prepare combination boxes of your choice - please contact us to order these in advance

Wedding Selection

Wedding chocolates are our specialty. You can select your favourites from our range which can be exquisitely packaged as 2 or 4. Please contact us for details and pricing.

As well as weddings, we cater for corporate functions and special events.

Wedding Truffle Chocolate Stack Tower Cake

Truffle Stack made for a wedding in 2014

Hand-dipped Chocolate Truffles

Our hand-dipped chocolate truffles are also available for special events. You can contact us for more information.